Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Melancholy

I feel like it is hard to be overjoyed with content on this hallmark holiday, when you know that at this precise time last year you were relaxing on a beautiful Maui beach and sipping on mai tai's, putting the finishing touches on your wedding day. Sigh!!! However, today was surprisingly better than I thought it was going to be. It's what you make it, right?

My bff Christina and I went to our Sociology of death and dying class today. I had a treat for her and one of my other professors wrapped up in the finest of gift wraps, the sex ads from the stranger (a local seattle alternative paper). I got Christy some chocolate covered fortune cookies, which were divine. We made it through class and I found out I got 99% on my midterm with one extra credit point for an answer the instructor threw out because most people got it wrong. Score! One of my other classmates also supplied cookies and brownies. Upon delivery of my teacher's gift, in the commons area, there was a photo booth set up with free pictures. I was feeling pretty gross today because I hadn't showered and just threw a hat on, but I figured what the hell, and took some pictures anyway. It was more fun than I had expected!!

After school we decided to head to Daniel Smith in Bellevue for some art supplies for our Restorative Art class. I always feel a little intimidated going to these places because I am not quite the artist I wish I was. However, the people there were super down to earth and nice. I got some tools for sculpting for my wax head and hopefully for my enlarged feature, if I ever figure out what that is going to be. I felt really inspired after going there and I like having a supply store that close, just in case.

Next on our agenda was an impromptu trip to Uwajimaya, since we were in the area. Any excuse to spend money and peruse shelves of randomness. I am getting my tax refund tomorrow too so whatever. I spend less than I thought I was going to when I dropped off my basket at the register. Sweet!!

(Items: coconut water tetra pak, seaweed snacks, apple milk tea, hard fizzing cola candies, kobe beef burgers (for under $4!!), Apple flavored green tea, Strawberries and champagne flavored green tea, organic loose leaf green tea, apple flavored soda in a cool clear can, pina colada flavored fortune cookies, fried tofu.)

I didn't buy these but aren't they sweet?

When I got home, my husband had snuck this in for me at lunch time. I was surprised because we had both agreed valentine's day was lame, and since our anniversary was 3 days away we had no plans or gifts. I got flowers and the cutest cat card (he knows I lose my shit over anything with cats on it).

As I write this, it is pouring down rain outside and still very dark and gloomy here in Redmond. I am in dire need of a vacation. Why does Hawaii have to be so impossibly expensive for my spring break? I am thinking southern California, disneyland, beaches... that may suffice. One day, I will move close by the ocean where it is warm and sunny. For now I will have to get to studying.

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