Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Cove

Last night I finally got around to watching the movie "The Cove". It is streaming instantly on Netflix right now. It is an Academy Award winning documentary about a cove in Japan that is the world's largest supplier of dolphins to places like Sea World and "ride with the dolphins" places. It shows how inhumanely these intelligent creatures are tormented and murdered. The dolphins that do not get purchased by these entertainment venues are netted into a very secret cove and murdered with whaling harpoons. The documentary crew snuck in and filmed what takes place there. It is horrifying. The thing about documentaries, is they are worse than horror. Horror is a genre that you know you can turn off your lights at night and go to bed and you are safe. This is happening right now. It also went into the consumption of dolphin meat and how much mercury is contained in their tissue. Also, there is not much of a demand for dolphin meat so sometimes it is labeled as something else, like a more expensive fish or whale. I encourage anyone who has any interest in the humane treatment of animals, the environment, and their health to watch this. But be forewarned, it is extremely sad.

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