Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chef City Grill

The culinary program at my school runs a cafe from Tues-Thurs, for lunch. It is all ran by students - the chefs and the servers are all students, and the proceeds of your meal go to the program. It is even in a cute little restaurant setting on the campus. Every time you go they give you bread with oil and vinegar, and linens. The entrees are pretty decent size and a fair price for what you get and what you are supporting. I have had a variety of entrees here and been happy with them. The servers usually mess the bill up by adding extra items you didn't order, but they are students figuring it all out. Today I had the vegetarian black bean burger, with cilantro creme fraiche. It was not as good as other items I have ordered there before (their cobb salad, lamb burger, and club sandwich are excellent). I have never thought of mashing up some black beans in the food processor before and forming them into a patty to grill. It was satisfying. I am trying to ease up on the meat consumption so now I have an idea of how I can make this myself and spruce it up a bit. It was a little bland but I am thinking with the right seasonings it would be pretty good :) I am looking forward to visiting again throughout the quarter. Usually my cohort in the program ends up going out to lunch together a few times per quarter. I am sure they love a huge table full of mortuary science students talking shop.

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