Tuesday, February 8, 2011

LUSH haul

As I mentioned, I dropped some cash at LUSH last weekend. I was wanting to do a youtube video reviewing my items, but I have been on and off with coughing fits and I don't know how to edit yet!! So I decided I will write about the products here individually instead.

First, there is Godiva. It is one of LUSH's solid shampoo bars, and it smells amazing. It smells like jasmine and gardenias and just tropical flowers in full bloom. I love their solid shampoo bars because they last forever and they are great for traveling. You can buy two solid shampoo bars and get a free travel tin, or if you just buy it alone I think it is like $3. It also can go in a carry on and it doesn't count towards your liquids! It leaves your hair smelling great too. Also another plus if you're missing Hawaii like I am!!

Next up is their limited edition Valentine's shower gel/shampoo, "It's raining men". This is a liquid version of their soap "Honey, I washed the kids" (another favorite of mine for years). It is a mix of honey and tropical flowers as well. It is awesome in the shower gel. I wish it was not limited edition (like Snow Fairy, another limited edition favorite of mine). It also lathers really well with a pouf. I have tried it as shampoo and it is also nice but I prefer lathering up with the shampoo bar.

I also splurged and bought their light pink colour supplement. This is a lightweight "supplement" that looks to me like a foundation in a little glass jar, but it is very versatile. It's main ingredient is rose water so it smells like roses. I have very sensitive skin and do not like liquid cosmetics. I have been using bare minerals for years, but it is a little too dry right now, and my skin is looking less than dewy. This supplement can be used a few different ways. You can mix it with foundation or sunscreen, mix it with charlotte island tint (as I will review next), use it as a concealer, or as a plain foundation or a base underneath powder foundation. You can apply it with your fingers, a brush, or a sponge. I have tried it as a concealer and underneath full coverage bare minerals, and this morning I mixed it with my foundation. I have been happy with the results with all three methods!! I also haven't had any breakouts yet, but it's only been a few days. Usually I have creasing or greasy face/grease bang but I havent' felt greasy or itchy! So I think this is a winner, and I hope they continue to stock it. Definitely worth the money (under $20).

Finally, I bought Charlotte Island, which is what they deem a "Body tint". It is like a self tanner for really pasty white Seattle people (year round!!). It is definitely for fair skin, but it is buildable. It washes off after every use (which I love), and doesn't streak. It smells like chocolate and bananas. You can also use it on your face and mix it with the colour supplement. I usually am scared of self tanners, because they stink, they are orange and streaky, don't wash off, and I don't know what I am staining my skin and my clothes with. I am so happy LUSH came out with their own version, so I can feel a little bit more exotic even though I am bundled up under tights, hoodies, and scarves!

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