Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fiesta Bowl!!!!

Last night I was not sure what to make for dinner but sho' as hell did not feel like dragging my ass to the store. I had a bunch of random stuff in my fridge/pantry that would love to be used so in my usual fashion I thew it all together in my crock pot. Jeff and I both agreed that it came out pretty amazing so I will share it...

First offf..I gathered up:
A sweet onion(chopped)
Green onions 3-4 bunches (chopped)
1/3 packet taco seasoning
garlic pepper
crushed red pepper
minced garlic
olive oil
frozen chicken tenderloins
organic black beans (canned)
cheddar cheese
1 can cheese soup/nacho cheese

I fried up the chicken tenderloins in a pan with some garlic and olive oil after defrosting them.

Then in the crock pot I layered the Sweet onion (I cut it in big chunks), chicken, beans, salsa, and taco mix, and seasonings (garlic pepper and crp in my case - you can use whatever you like..salt, pepper).

Then I proceeded to mound on the nacho cheese can contents, green onions, olives, and then topped it off with cheddar cheese mix.

Close the lid and cook for a few hours until it is nice and bubbly and the onions on the bottom are no longer crunchy.

It will look something like this and smell reallllly good..

Mix it up really well and serve in bowls over brown rice with tortilla chips/strips and a dollop of sour cream!!! Yay!!!!

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