Monday, February 7, 2011

"I believe looks get you further in this world"

So I have a sick, strange addiction to this show on TLC, "Toddlers and Tiaras". It is a circus. It is all about these crazy obsessed southern moms that are usually overweight and look like gorillas, but used to be "pageant queens" in their day. Now they have their own spawn to torment with their demands, and clueless husbands who don't realize how much money their wives spend on the whole deal. Sometimes though, the husbands are just as involved and that's even crazier! I can't take my eyes off this train wreck. I have 5 episodes to watch on my DVR, while I should be studying for my sociology of death and dying mid-term. I just can't imagine what mom says this is what their kid wants when they are throwing a tantrum - giving them spray tans, false eyelashes, flippers (a fake row of perfect, white teeth), hair falls, even acrylic nails. They seriously look like mini vegas showgirls. Sometimes they just look like plain old hookers. I love America!!

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